Basement Renovations

Let Ramaglia Contractors assist you in renovating your basement. A professionally finished basement not only adds value to your home, but also gives your home an inviting and comfortable area were you and your family can come together.

Bathroom Renovations

Ramaglia bathroom remodeling and renovation contractors can help assess your bathroom's dimensions and pipe layout in order to help you upgrade to a dream bathroom that will erase all memories of that old cramped space.

Floor Installation

Replacing your old floors will not only create an entirely new look and feel that will brighten your home and your family's faces, but installing new flooring (especially hardwood floors) can also increase the value of your home.


Ramaglia Painting specializes in both interior house painting and exterior house painting. From individual rooms to entire homes, our skilled professionals are neat, efficient, fast and affordable.


Our skilled, professional carpenters can handle almost any job in or around your home. Ramaglia's carpentry specialists in Barrie are fully insured and W.S.I.B. cleared.